Emergency Preparedness

Every municipality, regardless of size or location, can be seriously disrupted by an emergency. This could take the form of a plane crash, severe storm, flood, fire, chemical spill, or similar disaster.

While no one can foresee every type of emergency, it is important to plan for as many scenarios as possible. Every resident should be prepared by posting emergency phone numbers prominently in your home, develop an emergency escape plan, prepare an emergency survival kit, and so on.

The Town of Carstairs is a partner in the Mountain View Regional Emergency Response Plan, along with the municipalities of Didsbury, Olds, Cremona, Sundre and Mountain View County. The response plan is continually updated, and outlines specific municipal duties and functions in response to emergencies, including Emergency Operations personnel and the resources available in each municipality. The complete Emergency Response Plan is available for viewing at Town Office.

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An Emergency is a present or imminent event that requires prompt coordination of actions or special regulation of persons or property to protect the health, safety or welfare of people, or to limit damage to property.

A Disaster refers to an event that results in serious harm to the safety, health or welfare of people or in widespread damage to property.