Evacuation Plan

The Town of Carstairs has developed an Evacuation Plan for the community, in the event you are asked to leave your home.

Have a battery-operated radio on hand, and listen to local radio station 96.5 CK-fm or (Calgary) radio stations (e.g. 1170 AM, 95.5 FM, 105.5 FM, 98.9 FM), for information, and follow any instructions that may be broadcast. Messages broadcast using the Alberta Emergency Alert override all programming on radio and television stations. If you have to leave your home or office, remember to leave a note on the door of your house so family members know where you have gone.

If you are asked to evacuate your home, please proceed in an orderly fashion to the Carstairs Community Hall, where residents will be boarded, bedding and food will be provided until such time as it is safe to return home.

Visit GetPrepared.ca for more information.