2021 Municipal Election Candidates Bio's

Learn more about the Candidates running for Carstairs Town Council by clicking on the Candidates name below.

Candidates running for the Mayor's seat:

Lance Colby - Acclaimed

Official List of Candidates running for a Councillor's seat:

Dean Allan

Cell:      403.630.6411

Email:  deancallan@shaw.ca

Sheldon Ball

Home: 403.337.3673

Cell:     403.807.2478

Email:  s.d.ball@shaw.ca

Ryan Bourassa

Home: 403.337.4808

Cell:     403.801.9904

Email:  ryan.bourassa@hotmail.com

Tom Davies

Home: 403.337.5817

Cell:     403.805.8765

Email:  davies.t1@icloud.com

Angie Fricke                                   

Cell:     403.507.9114

Email:  angie.schaab@hotmail.ca

Bob Green

Home: 403.337.3317

Cell:     403.620.2477

Email:  bgreener2011@gmail.com

Ron Hoffman

Cell:     403.390.9230

Rhonda Kraemer-Wise

Home: 403.337.2878

Cell:     403.815.3828

Email:  Rhonda.wise.31@hotmail.com

Marty Ratz

Cell:     403.607.2217

Email:  martyr@carstairs.ca

Jerry Roberts

Cell:     403.479.3169

Email:  jdrsjr@telus.net

Shannon Wilcox

Cell:     587.966.3831

Email:  shannonw@carstairs.ca